FCC Information

The following Airstream and WIN disclosures are in reference to the FCC Open Internet Rules.

Service Description

Service Offerings

Airstream Communications and Wisconsin Independent Network directly offer broadband ISP services directly and through various Internet providers in select markets. Pricing for direct Internet connectivity provided to business customers is determined on an individual case basis.


Airstream and WIN offer a speed test site to any user or customer. It can be accessed here: Airstream Speed Test.

Congestion Management

Airstream and WIN do not implement any congestion management techniques. Airstream and WIN engineer and operate their network to accommodate the necessary traffic requirements, with ample capacity and redundancy to address peak traffic levels in the case of a partial network outage. In the event of congestion, all traffic is classified as best effort.

Content, Applications, Service and Device Providers

As a full service Internet Service Provider, Airstream and WIN deliver a full suite of Internet-based applications. These include:

  • Email
  • Web Hosting
  • File Transfer Protocol
  • Network Management
  • Network Security Consulting

Airstream and WIN do not discriminate any customer traffic. Both companies utilize network management techniques that are equal and standard across all user applications. We do not modify our network to make our directly served applications perform better than applications a user would access over the general Internet. For example, Airstream and WIN do not manipulate our network to perform better for customers accessing Airstream email servers versus Airstream customers accessing Google’s gmail servers.

The network management practices employed by Airstream and WIN do not differ between our directly offered applications to those general applications offered over the Internet.

Security Measures

In the event of Denial of Service (DoS), Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack,spoofing or other malicious traffic, Airstream and WIN will implement inbound and outbound traffic filtering and/or blocking on specific source and destination IP addresses. These actions will be performed to ensure reliability and availability of the Airstream and WIN network. These actions will not be utilized for normal Internet applications and traffic. In the case of any suspicious or malicious network activity, notification and forensic information will be made available to the appropriate law enforcement and network security resources for investigation.